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Rocket Air Supply assures you of only the highest quality precision, close tolerance fasteners. All of the products in stock are newly manufactured and conform to AN, MS, and NAS standards. As well, these fasteners are fully certified with manufacturers’ certificate of conformance and/or chemical and physical test analysis reports and are fully traceable.

Rocket Air Supply places a premium on quality control. Our quality assurance system is registered to ISO9001:2015 and AS9120B and our calibration system is in compliance with ISO 10012-1 and ANSI/NCSL Z540-1-1994.

Rocket Air Supply is a government Q.S.L.D. distributor. We have supplied Class (3) threaded fasteners under the program since 1995 and Class (2) threaded fasteners since 1999.

You can download our Supplier Requirements (.PDF).

Conflict Minerals Policy

Rocket Air Supply is fully committed to compliance with the U.S. legislation and SEC rules regarding the supply of “Conflict Minerals”.

We are dedicated to the responsible sourcing of all our materials purchased to assure none of these minerals (tin, tantalum, tungsten and gold) “3T&G” are purchased from the Democratic Republic of the Congo or adjoining countries. Rocket Air Supply supports the objectives of the SEC’s rules and will perform all necessary actions in order to avoid use of “Conflict Minerals” in our products.

We are actively involved with our suppliers to assure we meet the requirements of these rules and have received complete cooperation with those suppliers in achieving our goal of the elimination of these minerals from our products.

This is our commitment today, and will continue to be our commitment in the future.


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Rocket Air Supply “REACH” Statement

REACH is a program that is regulated by the European Union community for certain chemicals and their safe use. The requirements of the REACH program are listed on the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) website: http://echa.europa.eu/home_en.asp

Rocket Air Supply is a distributor of fasteners. We do not manufacture, distribute or export any “chemical substances” or “preparations” in any quantity. The products we distribute are “articles” and do not involve the “intentional release of substances during normal and reasonable conditions of the articles use”.

In addition, to the best of our knowledge, any SVHC’s that may be used in the manufacture, process, finish and or coating of the fasteners we distribute do not exceed the 0.1 percent by weight concentration threshold for the article. Rocket Air Supply has sent a letter to our suppliers to notify them of the REACH requirements and to obtain the relevant information from our suppliers to the applicability of the REACH requirements for the products they manufacture or distribute. Rocket Air Supply has not received any correspondence from our suppliers that indicate the products supplied to Rocket Air Supply are applicable to the REACH requirements.

Based on the above, it is our opinion that the REACH directive is not applicable to the products that we distribute.


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